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Air Adjustment Panel

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  • Gauges indicate Air Loading, Air Supply and/or Delivery Pressures
  • Integral Filter Conditions Dirty Shop Air
  • 50 PSI Delivery Pressure
  • Accurate Delivery Pressure over Wide Range of Flow
Typical Configurations
For use with:
  • EA
  • Positioners
  • Any Controller Requiring Conditioned Pneumatic Signal
  • E8
  • EPC
Application Data
  • To display Air Loading, Air Supply anchor Delivery Pressure
  • To Remotely Adjust Air Pilots
  • To Reduce Plant Air Pressure to Instrument Air Pressure for Signaling Regulators and Control Valves
  • To Filter Plant Air to Instrument Air Quality
Air Adjustment Panel shall provide remote control for air actuated regulators and control valves. It shall convert plant air to instrument quality air and provide 0 to 50 psi delivery pressure. The Panel shall have a flow capacity of 22 scfm. Panel shall have gauges indicating air load pressure and air supply pressure with option of process delivery pressure gauge.

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