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Item # item-5452, Insulcap Series Thermal & Acoustic Blanket Insulation

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Temperatures to 450°F (260°C)
Average Sound Reduction of 6 dBa
  • Real Return on Investment - 93% reduction in thermal losses over bare metal. ROI calculations available!
  • 1 1/2" Thick Insulation - Custom designs available!
  • CAD Designed and CNC Produced - Ensures exact fit and quality coverage.
  • Thermal or Acoustic Design - Realize up to $1200 per year in energy savings; optional acoustic barrier provides reduction of harmful radiant noise.
  • Integral Fastener Hardware - Flexible and easy to install, remove and reinstall.
  • Riveted Nameplate - Ideal for large projects or sensitive industries, blankets are traceable and certifiable.
  • E Main Valves
  • J, K and Boss Control Valves
  • Safety Relief Valves
  • P3 and Condensate Commander Pumps
  • Steam Separators and Condensate Receivers
  • Steam Traps
  • Strainers
  • Check Valves
Blanket insulation shall be 1 1/2" thick, of 16.5 oz/yd2 impregnated fiberglass cloth and mat design, with double sewn lock stitched seams, 7 stitches per inch minimum. Acoustic design shall use a barium sulfate sound reflector material, and shall be rated using ASTM E1222-87. Extended fabric flaps shall be included for overlapping of pipe insulation. Nameplate shall be of permanent design, showing location, description, size, pressure rating and sequential tag number. Fasteners shall be stainless steel, permanently affixed, and properly aligned for multiple removals and installations. Blankets shall have a stainless steel drain grommet or mating seam at lowest installed point for drainage and leak detection. Quilting pins, secured with stainless steel speed washers, shall be incorporated into the blanket at random, no greater than 18" apart.


Core Filter

ASTM C 1086-88

Jacketing Material

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Composite

Sound Reflector

ASTM E 90-90

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