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Item # 70-24-0501SVH-BBU, Battery Backup for Series 70 Actuator

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  • Factory installed and wired
  • Battery Strength Indication
  • Field selectable Normally Open or Normally Closed
  • Nema 4x (IP 65) enclosure
  • Reduces field installation cost
  • Provides visual and electronic indication of low battery state
  • Application Flexibility
  • Suitable for outdoor use, subject to ambient temperature limits
The Battery Backup (BBU) option for the Bray Series 70 24VAC actuators provides a convenient and cost effective solution to provide return of the valve or damper to a user-selectable position upon loss of supply power. The BBU is available for both On/Off and modulating actuators.

The advanced circuitry of the BBU continuously monitors battery strength and provides a visual indication (LED) and remote indication (via dry contact). The BBU is housed in sturdy die cast aluminum NEMA 4x (IP 65) enclosure and is factory mounted and factory wired to the Bray Series 70 24 VAC actuator.

In the normal mode of operation with power supplied to the actuator, the batteries maintain a charge and are in an offline mode. The power applied to the motor is from the power supply, not the batteries.

Upon loss of supply power, after a 10 second startup sequence, the BBU circuitry applies the stored power in the batteries to move the valve or damper to the full open or full closed position designated by the user. The actuator remains in this position until external power is restored to the unit.

For two position (on/off units), and modulating units, the BBU board automatically detects when the actuator has reached the desired position and then disconnects the battery power from the motor.



5000 lb·in


Auxiliary Switches



Power Requirements

24 to 27 VAC

Battery Strength Alarm (Contact Ratings)

2 A

Operating Temperature Limits

-4 to 122 ºF
-20 to 50

Battery Charging Temperature Limits

-4 to 122 ºF
-20 to 50

Storage Temperature Limits

-40 to 140 ºF
-40 to 60

Type of Batteries

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Power Sonic PS1212 or Equal

Life of Batteries

4 years, depended on ambient Temperature

Charging of Batteries


Discharging of Batteries

4.2A (Only upon loss of input power)


Die Cast aluminum, Polyester finish, Nema 4X (IP 65)

Conduit Entries Wiring

3/4" NPT

Terminal Block Wiring

Max 14 AWG
1 Use Battery Backup (BBU) only to control equipment under normal operating conditions. Where failure or malfunction of the electric actuator could lead to personal injury or property damage to the controlled equipment or other property, additional precautions must be designed into the control system. Incorporate and maintain other devices such as supervisory or alarm systems or safety or limit controls, intended to warn of or protect against failure or malfunction of the electric actuator.


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